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The Louis Vuitton Monogram Print hair accessory concept fused my lived experiences and interests in Luxury Fashion, Black Culture, and Additive Manufacturing to create innovative beaded hair accessory designs. This was my first attempt at challenging myself with cross-marketing, which came with many trials, errors, and obstacles to overcome. Inspired by the Y2K era and logomania trends in early 2000s fashion, I wanted to elevate braided and beaded hair, an element particular to my culture, as a way of honoring my roots. After conceptualizing the idea, I began collaborating with a creative collective on 3D printing the accessories, which was also my first time working with the technology. The concept culminated in me wearing a customized LV monogram jumpsuit featuring the rainbow color palette of the accessory designs. Although originating in 2018, the concept debuted on January 1, 2019 and went viral, garnering attention from prominent fashion platforms.


Hair Accessory Design

Fashion Accessory Design


Mixed Media



(Collaboration Mystic Gooden)



Creative Direction

Hair Accessory Design


Post Editing

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