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Pronouns: He/Him


Magnus Juliano is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary artist, multifaceted designer and creative director. With minimal education in graphic design, Magnus is proudly self-taught in all other disciplines including photography, mixed media art, and fashion and accessory design.


In 2019, Magnus’s Louis Vuitton hair accessory concept became a viral sensation on social media platforms garnering attention from highly respected media outlets such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Magnus’s hair accessory concepts are stitched through the fabric of his work.

In 2022, Magnus was selected by a Cincinnati based organization for a group exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum highlighting Black and Brown honorees and the talents of Midwest artists. Magnus created an installation entitled, “A Journey to Motherland: Black Panther Gift Shop”. The installation included graphic design, branding, fashion design, sculpture, animation, painting, and interactive digital components. After two months on display, a painting from the installation titled “Off The Pig” spurred controversy by using fictional cartoon characters as subjects to reimagine real encounters of police brutality. The story gained viral attention and was picked up by multiple news and entertainment platforms such as Hyperallegeric and Desus and Mero.


Innovation is at the forefront of the work that Magnus creates. Work that navigates the intersections of race, culture, identity, history, and the future. He hopes to inspire paradigm shifting conversation.

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