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Marketing and branding fascinate me because taking a concept from ideation to mass appeal requires nonlinear thinking that spurs ingenuity.

I thrive on the trial-and-error process of refining an idea into something with mainstream allure. Intrigued by what captures the public’s attention,

I try to understand the appeal behind successful marketing, even when it sways me personally.

My interest in Telfar began when I noticed friends buying the brand’s shopping bags. I learned that for many, Telfar represented “us”—it resonated as a brand created for an underserved community.

After researching the brand’s ethos myself,

I was inspired and wanted to honor its cultural moment through a multifaceted project.

What started as simple ideas—eyewear, a transparent take on their signature bag, branding concepts—snowballed creatively. I’m most proud that this project encompasses my diverse skills and passions.

General Contracting and Painter Concept:

As a tribute to my father, who taught me to build and create with my bare hands, I wanted to include a portion of this piece dedicated to him.

When I went to live with him in middle school, he owned a small construction and landscaping business where I learned the values of hard work, entrepreneurship, and imagination. We've come a long way since then, but I still use the tools he passed down to me as a way to honor him. I played with the societal association of pink as feminine to juxtapose the general contracting theme.

The handbag wrapped around the subject's waist was repurposed as a tool belt, and the transparent paint bucket acted as a makeshift handbag in the painting scene.

Lunch-Break Concept:

The design of Telfar's iconic "shopping bag" was inspired by actual shopping bags, as the name suggests. This led me to envision a similarly branded  bags with multiple uses beyond shopping. This took form in brown paper lunch bag. I incorporated rebranded takes on nostalgic childhood lunch items to support the vision.

Tennis Concept:


The Williams sisters - inspiring athletes whose aesthetics resonate with me and my roots - were my muses. Their signature beaded hairstyles forever changed the look of tennis. Designing miniature logo beads felt like coming full circle. This project incorporated hair sculpture, product design, fashion design, logo design, set design, and creative direction.

Hair Sculptures Concept:

The original goal was to design two crowns that embodied the brand's dual luxury and relatable identities. One crown featured Telfar's iconic

pearl-adorned logo, capturing the label's intricate and upscale aesthetic. The other was sculpted into the shape of the brand's signature shopping bag and perched atop models' heads, evoking Telfar's edgy street style. This braided bag crown was accessorized with concept earrings shaped like the brand's logo in bamboo, perfectly proportioned to the models and handbags. Together, the regal headpieces reflected the creative vision behind Telfar's fusion of luxury and accessibility.