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Pyer Moss Concepts


My interest in Pyer Moss was piqued by their activism and the overarching message communicated through their fashion design and curated shows. It is essential to me that my work carries a profound message, and I found myself resonating with the Pyer Moss brand for that very reason. By incorporating branded comb invention concepts to honor afro hair and the iconic hair pick comb commonly associated with styling afros, I began to explore the idea of merging the hair pick with an afro made from actual moss; a literal interpretation of the brand's name. I also observed that the texture of moss can bear a resemblance to afro hair texture, which helped me establish a connection to the earth and a sense of belonging.


Hair Accessory Design

Fashion Design

Marketing and Branding



Creative Direction

Fashion Accessory Design

Post Editing


Mixed Media



(Collaboration Mystic Gooden)

Design Deck:

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