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PROOF is a mixed media sculpture and photography series centering various interpretations of jockstraps and undergarments. The word proof merges with nouns and verbs to construct adjectives, which suggest the ability to withstand or be resistant to the aforementioned. While the purpose of the jockstrap design was for sports, PROOF uses the jockstrap to comment on behavior around gender acknowledging how proof of genitalia is used as a means to assign gender.


OVENPROOF is symbolic of a common phrase intended for the new lover delivered by the scorned ex after a break-up, “Enjoy my leftovers!” This piece finds redemption in the ability to still be enjoyed and finds power in moving on after a failed relationship.


WEAR-PROOF is an intimate reflection on self-discovery, security, and sexual fluidity using directional bed sheet tags to pose personal questions about identity.

BULLETPROOF places emphasis on the slang phases “Shoot the club up” and “Dirty bullets”, which both reference ejaculating inside someone whether to impregnate or spread disease. BULLETPROOF comments on the violence that is too often associated with sex.


CRUSHPROOF is a play on male genitalia often being referred to as a package and literal packaging materials used to ship items. Boxes and bubble wrap correlate with the humanness of protecting oneself and moving on from past partners.

SMOKE-PROOF:SMOKE-PROOF uses branding as a metaphor for the sexual roles played in queer relationships. There is also a connection to how the community wields drug use as a marker for compatibility, especially in hook-up culture.






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