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We often find ourselves overwhelmed by the demands of the world and our personal lives, expected to produce like machines to the point that we forget even machines need maintenance. This prompted me to look inward. I took inventory of my labor, emotions and questioned whether there was balance in my life. Ironically, I then began thinking about the mind and how infrequently we consider it.

I explored the literal mechanics of our brains and how technology mirrors human anatomy, with nerves and veins winding through flesh to create circuits of communication and information. There is something brilliant about how the human form is intentionally wired to perform so many functions. Ironically, these thoughts led me to ponder why we think as we do – what or who wired us to behave in these instinctual yet learned ways? Our brains are as fragile as computers and can be hacked, attacked and crash. Visually, I wanted to interpret that vulnerability in this series.

The keyboard portion of "Motherboard" references the two sides of the human mind, the duality to be both creative and logical. The placement of the keys represents the analytical left side, while the multi-key phrases represent the creative right side. As someone raised with social media, I found it humorous to sprinkle in wordplay.






Creative Direction

Hair Accessory Design


Post Editing


Mixed Media



(Collaboration Dwight Pettigrew)

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